Acadian Medical Center • Eunice, Louisiana

Growth & Acquisitions

Building a healthier community begins with the right partner.

LifePoint works with a broad array of healthcare providers across the nation, offering them unique opportunities to grow, prosper and fulfill a mission of Making Communities Healthier. Community involvement is at the center of our philosophy of care, and we seek to collaborate with communities that share our commitment to the well-being and success of their local healthcare providers.

LifePoint is dedicated first and foremost to serving the healthcare needs of its communities.  We work side-by-side with our hospitals, clinics and service provders to build long-term strength and growth from the bottom up.

Local Decision Making

Underscoring our belief that all healthcare is local, our hospitals and other healthcare organizations have boards of trustees comprised of community leaders, medical staff members and local citizens. This board establishes strategic direction for each facility, identifies healthcare needs and opportunities and makes key capital decisions. In turn, LifePoint provides access to resources, management expertise and operational support that transforms goals into working realities.

For additional information on partnering with LifePoint Health, please contact us by phone at (615) 920-7000 or via email: