Supporting a Hospital, Enriching a Community

“When it comes to caring about Conyers, LifePoint walks the walk.”
Rick Simons, Chairman, Rockdale Medical Center Board of Trustees

Rockdale Medical Center, located in Conyers, Georgia, was looking for a capital partner. Seeking a company with a proven commitment to serving the local community and a new vision for healthcare in their city, the hospital board of directors selected LifePoint in February 2009.

Rick Simons was board chairman of Rockdale Medical Center, Inc. when the decision was made.“The senior management at LifePoint was sensitive to our needs and the needs of the community,” says Rick. “They respected our viewpoint and made us part of the process.When it comes to caring about our community, LifePoint walks the walk.They invested $110 million in our community. The $30 million capital investment they are making in our hospital over the next six years is already very apparent. Revenues are up, and we have been gaining market share in our immediate area. LifePoint also brings to the table years of experience to help us deter- mine the best way to invest in our hospital. We can tap into their depth of knowledge about nursing, case management, administration, physician relations and recruitment in order to make the right clinical and business decisions.”

“Since LifePoint came on board, there’s a new vision,” says Dr. John Bowden, Chief of Staff at Rockdale Medical Center. “LifePoint is investing money to expand our services and improve patient care. Patients who were going to Atlanta are now coming to Rockdale Medical Center. We’ve also added six new physicians, including a vascular surgeon and two orthopedic surgeons.The physicians here now have a very positive and optimistic attitude.”

The acquisition further benefited the community by generating a new source of funds to address local needs.The sale of Rockdale Medical Center to LifePoint allowed the Rockdale County Hospital Authority to use $40 million from the purchase to form a charitable giving foundation for healthcare and education. “The interest generated by this money is being used to fund grants for non-profit healthcare organizations in the community,” says Ethel Boyd, Chair of the Rockdale County Hospital Authority and a member of Rockdale Medical Center’s Board of Trustees. “Thanks to this funding, we’ve opened two new health clinics as well as provided nutritional counseling for seniors and education programs to reduce teenage pregnancy. And that’s just the start.”

Ethel has also been impressed with LifePoint taking an active role in the community and becoming involved with many civic organizations.“ They’re here because they want to serve this community,” says Ethel.

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