Collaborations to Transform Community Care

“They understand the hospital-physician relationship.”
Gary Kellogg, Lake Havasu City Partnership for Economic Development and Glenn Nudelman, M.D., Havasu Regional Medical Center

Lake Havasu City, Arizona is accustomed to unrest in its healthcare community. For years, the town had competing hospitals across the street from one another. After those two facilities merged, an ambulatory surgery center opened, and rumors began to circulate about yet another new hospital. There was a pronounced rift between the hospital and the local medical staff, and as a result, the healthcare delivery system in the region was less than ideal.

LifePoint Health inherited this significant challenge when they became owners of Havasu Regional Medical Center in 2005. “We had a hospital crisis,” says Gary Kellogg, President and CEO of the Partnership for Economic Development.“I’ve called Lake Havasu City home for 30 years and I can see first hand the difference LifePoint is making in our community. They’ve helped bring the medical community together, and reduced the tension between the hospital and the medical staff.”

Dr. Glenn Nudelman adds, “The leaders of LifePoint have been straightforward and honest, and have shown tremendous integrity. They’ve put together a unique joint venture, allowing the physicians to invest in the hospital and have direct input on every aspect of the hospital.”

The resolution of issues between the medical staff and the hospital has also helped in the area of recruiting. Kellogg says,“LifePoint has now recruited a new generation of physicians to work with the existing staff. They are doing everything they can to have the doctors involved at every level.”

Dr. Nudelman adds,“The joint venture between the medical staff and LifePoint has allowed the local physicians to become more involved with the care at the hospital.”

Kellogg states,“LifePoint, in conjunction with local physicians, has made a significant commitment to the hospital and the community with the addition of an open-heart program. This is the first such program in our region, and it has allowed the hospital to make a quantum leap in terms of how people see our city and the hospital. Havasu Regional and LifePoint Health are great corporate neighbors for the entire Lake Havasu City region.”

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