Russellville Hospital Physician Named Country Doctor of the Year

Published By: • 12/14/2011 4:49 PM

Russellville Hospital physician Keith Morrow, D.O. has been named Country Doctor of the Year for 2011. The prestigious, national award, sponsored by Staff Care, is presented annually and celebrates a physician who best exemplifies the spirit, skill and dedication of America’s rural medical practitioners.

“Dr. Morrow deserves this award for many reasons, among them his long-standing and proven commitment to the people of Phil Campbell and Hackleburg, Alabama, who he serves through both our hospital and his own rural health clinics,” said Russellville Hospital Chief Executive Officer Christine Stewart, who nominated Dr. Morrow for the award. “Earlier this year, in the days, weeks and months following the E-F5 tornado that devastated northwest Alabama, Dr. Morrow’s dedication to his patients reached new heights, as he battled all odds to ensure healthcare was available when people needed it most.”   

On April 27, the towns of Phil Campbell and Hackleburg, Alabama, were overcome by an E-F5 tornado.  As much of the towns were destroyed, so were Dr. Morrow’s clinics.  But despite losing everything, Dr. Morrow recognized the needs of the injured and mourning in his midst and took steps to assure local access to healthcare.  He led his team to reopen temporary clinic locations within days of the storm – operating out of tents, tractor trailers and part of a fire station.  Dr. Morrow even began taking “car calls” to care for those who had difficulties accessing his temporary offices. 

“I credit my staff for so much of what we accomplished,” said Dr. Morrow. “When you experience something like this…an event that destroyed 31 out of 32 businesses in a single town and claimed dozens of lives…you can’t help but ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do with the rest of my life?’ Staying here and doing what we’ve done may not have been the easiest thing, but it was the right thing. We belong here and we know that the people need us here.”

“Dr. Morrow could have much more easily relocated his clinics to nearby towns, but instead he insisted on remaining in the heart of the communities he has served for the past 25 years,” added Stewart. “He is an inspiration to us all, and the epitome of the Country Doctor.”

Dr. Morrow has been an active member of the medical staff at Russellville Hospital since 1986.  During this time, he has served the hospital as chief of staff and vice chief of staff; he is currently a member of Russellville Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee.  In November, Dr. Morrow was named a North Council “Hospital Hero” by the Alabama Hospital Association.

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