Karl Ngoye, RN

Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit

Memorial Medical Center
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Karl Ngoye is fervently committed to the well-being of others, a passion rooted deeply in his childhood.

Carol Stamper, RN, winning the Mercy Award
"Karl is dedicated to being consistently compassionate."

Karl grew up with cousins who came to live with his family after they lost their own parents, a dynamic that ultimately led him to volunteer with an organization that helps homeless children.

Karl, a fitness coach, noticed a flier on his gym’s bulletin board about the group Rancho Los Amigos in Juarez, Mexico. Without hesitation, he volunteered his services and began traveling there monthly. For eight years, he has worked tirelessly to support the organization, including while he was a busy nursing student.

“People like Karl, who provide love and basic needs such as nutritious meals, clothing and school supplies, give children who are abandoned, abused and neglected hope,” says a nominator. “They can begin to feel safe.”

Karl also volunteers two hours each day to mentor and educate youth in his Las Cruces community, often following 12-hour shifts at the hospital.

“As a former professional soccer player and international educator, he uses his experiences to educate and promote healthy lifestyles and obesity prevention, building self-esteem in these kids,” says Memorial Medical Center CEO John Harris.

In the ICU, Karl has a knack for reassuring and soothing anxious patients and their families, offering them a kind heart, a listening ear and a hand to hold. His contributions have been recognized through numerous awards, including an MMC Shining Star honor and, most recently, the prestigious DAISY Award, given to extraordinary nurses.

“Karl marries the quality of transcendent care the best nurses possess with every aspect of his life,” one colleague says.

One patient’s family member will never forget Karl’s loving care: “Although our daughter was sedated during her stay, he took the time to know her and put her teddy bear under her arm at night. He even sang one of her favorite songs to her. On the day we lost her, he was there for us in every way possible.”

Another patient made Karl a rosary chain as a sign of appreciation for the support he provided, saying, “Thank you for holding my hand, crying with me and praying for me, my child and my family. In that moment, you were not only my nurse — you were everything to me. Being a nurse isn’t for everyone, but I have no doubt this is definitely where you belong.”

At home, Karl is a role model for his family, including his young daughter, and sets an example with his fitness and nutrition choices.

“Karl leads a balanced life of family, career, community volunteerism and a healthy lifestyle,” Harris says.