National Quality Program

At LifePoint Health, quality is rooted in our mission of Making Communities Healthier. Providing quality care is our top priority and inseparably connected to every aspect of our operations.

Quality is more than just a set of clinical criteria to us. It is a way of life, encompassing everything we do, including how we care for patients, how we ensure the health and safety of each of our employees and how we contribute to the health of our communities.   

Quality across our system means that everyone – employees in all facilities and departments, physicians, patients and family members – has a voice and plays a vital role in creating the best possible patient experiences and results.

We have a unique collaboration with Duke University Health System aimed at enhancing healthcare quality and delivery within our system and across the nation. This collaboration is built upon a decade-long relationship between LifePoint and Duke that has expanded and evolved throughout the years, leading to the creation of the Duke LifePoint Healthcare joint venture and Duke’s involvement in LifePoint’s Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from December 2011to December 2014.

As part of our collaboration with Duke, LifePoint Health created the LifePoint National Quality Program to ensure consistent, high standards of quality and patient safety across our system.

When we created the LifePoint National Quality Program, we focused on foundational elements required to sustain quality care, including committed leadership, systems to ensure continuous performance and process improvement, a culture dedicated to safety, and patient and family engagement.

These elements go a step beyond achieving certain scores or benchmarks. They get to the heart of how we view quality as an operational and cultural promise.

Those hospitals that have excelled in each of these areas and have demonstrated a capacity to continuously measure and improve what they do are named Duke LifePoint Quality Affiliates.